September 2017

Local Scheduling Calendar UPS Scheduling Calendar

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August 2017

Local Scheduling Calendar UPS Scheduling Calendar

*We will be closed the following days:
Friday, August 18th
Friday, September 1st - Monday, September 4th
*Please let us know if your office hours change so we can plan our deliveries accordingly.
*Sara will be out of the lab August 21st – 25th.  Please keep these dates in mind as you plan cosmetic and implant cases.  For implant and cosmetic cases prepped August 10th – 22nd please add 5 days to the due date.
*Please return the metal articulators and crown boxes after your case is complete.
*You can print our scheduling calendar and Rx from our website. If you would like the scheduling calendar emailed please let Wendy know.  If your office is in need of supplies (UPS labels/sleeves, shipping boxes/bags, Rx pads or prep/cement guidelines), please let us know by 1) Calling us 2) Sending a note with a case or 3) Emailing Wendy at We will happily get them out to your office.  
*Our business hours are Monday through Thursday 8 am – 5 pm & Friday 8 am – 2 pm. 
Thank you for your business. 
We cannot tell you how glad we are that you are our customer!